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Our Team

The Orange Box team comes from a diverse background that covers many areas of information technology. Drawn together by years of work in the telecommunications industry, we decided to form a new company that would address the problems we saw there and reverse the growing trend of thought that IT is a burden to be carried by businesses today in order to stay competitive.

The Management, Keeping it on Track

Our management team will be your first point of contact for any project you bring to the table. With over 35 years of experience managing projects of all sizes for companies around the world, you can rest assured that you are in good hands.

Maintaining a forward-looking approach is what comes naturally to Orange Box. We are constantly evaluating new or updated solutions to business problems, filtering the good from the bad so that you are always getting the best of the leading edge.

The Developers, Laying the Foundation

Flexibility and integrity are the most valuable traits of our development staff. Our developers have an extraordinarily wide range of skills. Our adaptability is always a major contributing factor to the success of each project, we are rarely ever road-blocked at the implementation-level. To our developers, integrity means that it’s done right, every time. If it’s not right it gets fixed, end of story. No waiting, no run-arounds.

The Designers, Making it Shine

Many of the projects we take on for our clients will actually end up in front of their customers. In these cases our design team is representing your image, not just ours. We are respectful of the visual design in every circumstance whether the project is internally-facing (to your own organization), or publicly visible to the world. You will always end up with an solution that is clean and tidy, the way you want it to look,

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Orange Box Inc.
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Phone: 519-660-0121

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