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The Difference Between a Solution and a Great Solution

With over 20 years of industry experience, the members of the Orange Box team have worked with a lot of software.  We have seen first-hand some of the frustration and horror stories surrounding custom software products.  It is easy to understand why custom software is often notorious for its inflexibility, lack of features, high cost and sluggish development pace.


At Orange Box, we strive to prove these assumptions wrong with every project, no matter what size.  Inflexibility is eliminated by beginning with industry best practices in mind and sticking to mainstream technologies that won't fade into obscurity.  Our team is capable, but small, which helps keep costs under control.  Agile development practises and continuous-integration allow new features and frequent signs of progress to be the norm.

Our intention is to go beyond what you expect from a great custom solution provider.  By helping you produce a clean solution to your business problem today, we know that you'll call us back to solve new problems in the future.  We don't bother trying to lock you in with restrictive licensing.  At the end of the project, in addition to getting the solution installed and in-place, you'll get all the source code for it too.  We'll even package up the version history with it if you like, so you can see how the project evolved and pass it on to your own in-house team.

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